Dr. Heher spoke about transplantation to the ViTAL podcast of Northeastern University.

Dr. Heher spoke with Kent Bressler, of Kent's Kidney Stories. Kent is a nurse and a kidney transplant recipient who is the founder of Kidney Solutions, a charitable organization that has helped dozens of patients receive a kidney transplant.

Jullie Hoggan, Square Knot Health's lead navigator and kidney transplant recipient, gave an interview to NPR's "All Things Considered" about life for kidney transplant recipients in the era of Covid.

Listen to Dr. Heher being interviewed about why we need to increase opportunities for those with kidney disease to be assessed early and offered the chance to be evaluated for transplant prior to the need for dialysis when possible.

In The News

Square Knot Health's founder Eliot Heher MD and one of our Square Knot patients spoke with Rachel Cappola from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. They discussed the importance of empowering patients with knowledge about their kidney disease so they can advocate for themselves when treatment for kidney failure is needed.

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Kidney knowledge is power

Square Knot Health Lead Navigator Jullie Hoggan wrote this piece about life during covid as a kidney transplant recipient, how the Renal Support Network has helped her during her journey, and her work at Square Knot Health.

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How RSN’s Support Groups and a Clinical Trial Led to My New Post-Kidney-Transplant Career

Square Knot Founder Eliot Heher MD delivered a talk at the National Kidney Foundation's Spring Clinical Meeting on barriers and bottlenecks in transplant evaluation.

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Roadblocks need to be eliminated to improve access to transplants

Square Knot's founder Eliot Heher MD spoke with Rachel Coppola from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts about diagnosing and managing chronic kidney disease.

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Guarding against kidney disease

Hear how a man who suffered kidney failure as a result of diabetes is looking for a living kidney donor — with Square Knot Health's assistance.

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Man desperate for a kidney donor


“I can’t begin to state what an incredible resource Square Knot has been. They helped streamline facets of the transplant process and eliminate preventable delays when every minute counts. They were the missing link, tying together me, my transplant center and my nephrologist. They also guided potential donors with their questions and concerns, and provided feedback on what to expect and pitfalls to avoid. The type of insight and guidance they provide can only come from someone with a lot of experience. They help me overcome my fears, and answered my questions, and gave me overwhelming confidence about transplant that I would not have had without them. I highly recommend Square Knot Health and Dr. Heher!”


New England

“If I had one place to call for a transplant evaluation, I would do it. It would be a great service. I would very much be in favor of a transplant ‘clearinghouse’ that would serve all transplant centers. I get frustrated with the opaqueness of the process.”

Colorado Nephrologist

January 2021

“This is a very patient-centric idea…it would be wildly beneficial.”

Massachusetts Nephrologist

May 2021

“Transplant Centers don’t have the manpower to lead people through the process. They put up barriers. A service to guide people to transplant would be very valuable.”

Oklahoma Nephrologist

February 2021

“I just looked over your information and it looks great. It clear states who you are, what the current problems are, and how your company would be part of the solution.”

Maine Nephrologist

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